hanni 11MonateHannis Galerie

Date of Birth: 23 Dec 2008

Colour: seal-point (chocolate and dilution carrier)
Blood type: A/b
FelV/FiV: negative and Felv vaccinated

Father: Blue Eye's Yoshino (seal-tabby-point)
Mother: Docsan Mandy (seal-tortie-point)

Hanni is a very beautiful and typeful seal point female cat. Her character is absolutely lovely and she is sweet-tempered. Shortly after my youngest daughter turned one, I adopted Hanni. As you may know, kids at the age of one are not very sensitive. The same goes for my daughter and she sometimes hugged Hanni with a little bit too much enthusiasm. Havanna instinctively knew that she must not defend herself. Of corse we taught our daughter to be more caerful and showed her how to treat a cat right. But this showed us what a wonderful character our "Hanni" has.

Title: Kitten-Champion, Champion, Internationaler Champion, Großer Internationaler Champion

City and Date
Results Comments
Bad Schwalbach, 17.05.09 1x CACP ---
Flörsheim, 07.06.09 2x CACP Best in Color,
nominiert Best in Show
Bad Nauheim, 27.09.09 2x CAC Best Variety,
nominiert Best in Show
Bensheim, 08.11.09 2x CAC Championtitel erhalten
Frankfurt-Nied, 28.02.10 2x CACIB Best in Variety,
Best in Show
Walldorf-Mörfelden, 07.03.10 2x CACIB nominiert Best in Show
Mannheim, 05.09.10 1x CAGCI  
Heppenheim, 19.09.10 1x CAGCI(B) Platz 7 im Erwachsenen Ring
Gießen, 06.11.10 1x CAGCI  
Mainhausen, 19.12.10 1x CAGCI
Titel: Gr. Intern. Champion
Best in Variety,
nominiert Best in Show

Date of Birth: 10.06.2009

Colour: blue-point (chocolate carrier)
Blood type: A

Father: Shakandah Dinero (blue-point)
Mother: Patty vom Iltisweg (lilac-point)

Venice is a very typeful blue-point female cat. Her profile is absolutely wonderful. Her coat is very soft and her eyes are sapphire blue. Venice is a cuddly cat which would snuggle the whole day if you would let her. Venice is always around someone of our family. She loves being in the middle and can always be found where the action is. Venice vomes along when its time to bring our kids to bed, because she knows that the kids will pet her. She also likes sliding down the slide which is on our sons loft bed.

Venice received the title Jugend-Champion on 28 February 2010
On 19 Dezember 2010 Venice received the title Champion.

City and Date
Results Comments
Frankfurt - Bergen Enkheim, 13.12.09 2x CACJ Best in Show
Frankfurt - Saalbau Nied, 28.02.10 2x CACJ Titel: Jugend-Champion
Best in Varity
Best in Show
Alzenau, 18.04.10 2x CAC ---
Mainhausen, 19.12.10 1x CAC
Titel: Champion
nominiert Best in Show
Penny 15 Monate alt

Born on the: 02.08.2013

Color: blue-tabby-point (chocolate carrier)
Blood type: A/b
PKD:  negative
FelV/FiV: negative und FelV vaccinated

Vater: Figaro vom Wolkentempel (blue-point)
Mutter: Naraja vom Burg Montfort (chocolate-tabby-point)

Penny is the youngest member of our family. We could take her to us in 2014 because we still lacked a tabby girl. She was an absolute stroke of luck because her character is to nice. So cuddly and playful she keeps here all on our toes - humans and animals. The older cats are again really alive and romp through the apartment with her. Everyone likes like, because so sweet as it is you can not do otherwise. Her favorite place is on our legs, but with the children she is also constantly, even learned to climb up the ledder of the loft bed to always be with us. In addition, you can fine talk to her, she always give an answer when you talk to her (like Hanni) :-)


Penny comes from the cattery of my lovely friend Angela - we always and everytime think on you !!