Long ago the abbot Mun-Ha and his Kittah monks living in a monastery on the Lugh mountains, who had devoted her life and thought of the goddess of souls "Tsun Kyankzé". The goddess had bright blue sapphire eyes and their belief that she makes that the Priests are returned in the form of an animal after death.

Mun-Ha has a cat named Sinh - he was his oracle. Sinh was pure white on the body and had yellow eyes. Just the paws, ears, nose and the tail were brown. The dark colors interpreted the monks as a sign of filth and impurity of all that touched the ground.

Someday the villages around the monastery were attacked of enemies and also the monks and the monastery were in danger. At that moment died Mun-Ha, leaving the desperate Kittah monks leaderless.

Then the miracle happens of soul transmutation: with a gentle leap sat Sinh the cat on the head of his dead master. The cat looked straight into the eyes of the goddess Tsun Kyankzé. As the transfer took place, the cat´s body changed to reflect the pale gold of the statue of Tsu-Kyan-Kse, his face legs and tail became the color of the earth and his yellow eyes turned into a brilliant sapphire blue. Only his paws with which he touched his beloved Lord were snow white as a sign of the purity of the soul.

Now Sinh turned his gaze to the south gate and the Kittah monks. They understood him immediately, shut the door and were protected from the enemy attackers. Another seven days Sinh remained sitting motionless at his dead master, then he died and took Mun-Ha's soul with him to paradise. After another seven days the monks should selected a successor Mun-Ha`s. All monks gathered, asking for help to the gods stature Tsun Kyankzé. Since all cats of the temple came in, they all had - like Sinh - golden yellow coat, blue eyes, and as a sign of purity white paws. Silently they surrounded the youngest of all the priests and thus determined the successor of Mun-Ha.


The legend says:
Dies a sacred cat in Lao-Tsun monastery, so it takes the soul of Kittahs in Paradise. Woe to him who kills such a cat, he is tortured and tormented by the soul that lived in the cat till it's forgive him.