The Sacred Birman belongs into the category "semi-longhaired cats" and is a pointed cat. The colour is limited to the face (mask), the ears, the legs, the tail and the male cat testicles. The rest of the body is ale coloured and the eyes are sapphire blue.

The four white paws which are called gloves are a unique feature of this race. Ideally the gloves should be as symmetrical as possible. The posterior gloves on the back paws finish with an inverted V. These are called "laces" and should extend 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the back hocks.

The Birmans character is absolutely wonderful. I would describe the characteristics as follows:

  • even-tempered but still full of spirit
  • friendly and charming
  • attention seeking
  • intelligent
  • affectionate
  • full of proud
  • sociable
  • nosey
  • playful

The Birman Cat enjoys spending time with their "people", they hate closed doors - espacially the door to the bedroom. These cats are interested in everything that their humans do. Thus, die Birman is perfect family cat which gets along with kids and other pets.

Receiving a balanced diet and the annual vaccinations the life expectancy of a Birman living indoors can reach up to 20 years. Female cats a full-grown at about 1.5 years. Male cats need up to 2 years to be fully developed. The average weight lies between 3 to 6 kg. Of course the exception proves the rule.

The coat on the cats back is ivory-coloured, the stomach is nearly white. The colours (points) are limited to the face (mask), the ears, the legs, the tail and can have the following colours:

The Solid-Point-Colours:
Seal-, Blue-, Chocolate-, Lilac-, Red- and Cream-Point

The Tabby-Point-Colours (lynx):
Seal-, Blue-, Chocolate-, Lilac-, Red- und Creme-Tabby-Point. These cats look like little tigers. They have about the same signing in the face.

The Tortie-Point-Colours, Tricolor:
Seal-, Blue-, Chocolate-, Lilac-Tortie-Point. This is a two-color drawing in the points, which is composed of the notified Solid-color plus red and it falls arbitrarily. Tricolor (tri-color) because the body color is counted too.

The Tortie-Tabby-Point-Colours (Torbie):
Same colours as mentioned in the Tortie-Point colours section. In addition they also have the signing of a Tabby-Point.

As mentioned before the Sacred Birman belongs into the category "semi-longhaired cats". The coat is single layered and doesn't mat. Therefore the Birman requires very little grooming. Nevertheless, you should brush your Birman at least once or twice a week because they are prone to hairballs. But of course your cat will certainly exjoy to be brushed every day.